Viking Barbie - Girls - Audio

@travisscott “ “highest in the room” remix. What do y’all think? I’ve been sitting on this one. Lyrics: I am the highest in the room just cause I’m dope though, Got my eyes low but I ain’t even smoke though, Bit** is lit, I am IT..I’ll make you float, Envision how I’m living like a GoPro, Flow so Jedi I am Han Solo, Soon as I breathe up on the track it’s in a chokehold, these bit**es Trippin like I’m laced with acid see tracers passin, My rhymes are hard your soft and flaccid, You’re passive I am an assassin, You brake I’m gassin, Mouth writing checks that A$$ ain’t cashin, Got em Fiendin,nicotina, Dreamin like I’m absinthe, Flow breaking baddest, I’m Bryan Cranston, Everybody wanna follow me like I am Manson, but I am the devil and got you Dancin’. (Wrote this with my girl @iamketamusik And I think we did good) #dreamteam

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