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In October 1972, the show featured three men all claiming to be Ed Edwards. Based on that alone, you'd be forgiven for thinking all three were liars, but one really had changed his name to Edward Edwards, and his story was that he was a reformed criminal. He had been a robber and arsonist so brazen (he never disguised himself, and claimed he wanted to be famous) that he ended up on the FBI's most wanted list. He was caught and convicted, and when he left prison in 1967, he said he was a changed man. He was certainly a popular man, as he also became a motivational speaker, wrote a book modestly titled The Metamorphosis Of A Criminal: The True Life Story Of Ed Edwards, and appeared on What's My Line, another perpetually necromanced game show. But while he was very honest about being a criminal, the "reformed" part was a lie. Edwards graduated to murder, and lots of it, even as he was speaking to crowds about his transformation. Edwards killed at least five people between 1977 and 1996, including his adopted son in an insurance scheme, and there may have been even more victims from as early as 1960. He was only caught in 2009 after his daughter figured him out, and he beat an impending lethal injection by dying of natural causes in 2011. So the next time a hangover compels you into a Price Is Right marathon, keep in mind that there's a chance the person who just won a deep freezer is going to stuff it full of torsos. shot _barrel #gun #firearm #revolver #trigger #gunshot #airsoft_gun #hand #shooting #gun_barrel #photography

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