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In love Anna Sedokova promised fans that now all her songs will be more cheerful. The new album PROlubov is proof of that. And the proof of love reigning in the house of the singer, was a luxurious and unexpected gift of Janis Timma. "The air smells of love" — that's what fans say Anna Sedokova, who for several months meets with basketball player Janis Timma. In the life of the artist there was a lot of pain and disappointment, so loyal fans hope that this time she will succeed. In the meantime, the loving and happy Sedokova enjoys a stormy romance, and thanks to the support of her boyfriend, she even decided to change her musical style. "Suffering is no longer fashionable. Nobody needs sad songs, " Anna admitted. The singer said that she will no longer process her pain into music, now she does not need it. No sooner said than done. So there was a new, filled with happiness and love album PROlubov. December 10 in the restaurant Aviator in the "Federation Tower" was the presentation of the first collection of songs Sedokova in an unusual style for her. Janis timma also came to support his beloved. 1 2 3... Twelve Anna Sedokova and Janis timma no longer hide their romance View photo gallery During the performance of the chosen one, he unexpectedly rose to the stage with a huge bouquet of red roses, handed them to Anna and kissed her right in front of the guests of the evening. The kiss was long and very passionate. The audience was delighted with such an ardent display of feeling. Well, it seems Anna was right to trust her heart to a basketball player. 1: 0 in his favor! #love #turquoise #fun #interaction #romance #photography #event #smile

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