Husky Strawberry - Style - Audio

Unrealistic soft lipsticks @cliniquerussia in the Even Better lineup ⠀ I decided to make a different video format to show you swatch св ⠀ I have three shades: ✅04 Subtle ✅08 heavenly ✅23 entwined ⠀ In texture they look more like gloss than a full-fledged lipstick. Soft, moisturize the lips and, unfortunately, almost not persistent. ⠀‼ ️But! ⠀ It is worth paying tribute, lipsticks do not bald or emphasize peeling at all. If you are looking for hydration plus color, then this is ideal! ⠀ Average price - 1400 rubles ⠀ ⁉️ What shade would you choose? . #clinique #cliniquerussia #iamevenbetter #evenbetter

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