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FIRST ACQUAINTANCE WITH THE BODY SHOP: is it worth the money? ⠀ I admit honestly, I have lived up to 25 years and have never in my life tried cosmetics from @thebodyshoprussia so-so I hit a blogger ⠀ But recently a Christmas miracle happened and still got my presents, so catch the video in a new sticky fire format and a brief tip funds: ⠀ Scrub for the head with tea tree oil - THIS IS A GUARD! I wanted to try it the most and did not lose! Very cool for girls with oily scalp or those who just need deep cleansing! And it, by the way, is necessary for all of us. First you scrub the skin, and then this whole thing turns into a SHAMPOO! I am delighted! ⠀ By the way, the brand still has just tea tree oil and it is also fire! Instantly go away inflammation, redness. Enough for a long time! ⠀ Cleansing foam with clay is not bad, it cleans cool to creak, but it dries my skin a little. I suspect that this whole thing is due to clay. ⠀ Bronzer for the body - I do not understand. It looks cool, but what to do with it? It is very radiant, a rather strange shade and most likely it looks like a blush, but they are not very well typed on the brush. Maybe there is a different approach? ⠀ Cool lip balm. Well, I’m not going to add much, the thing is good. Will be in the store - take it! ⠀ And of course, on sweet, yogurt for the body with the smell of mango. If there is a buzz in the world, then this is a body cream with perfect fruit flavors! Ready to constantly moisturize the body and sniff yourself. ⠀ Do you have a favorite product from the Body Shop? Advise! Now I really want to try!

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