Bronze Melody - Audio

Cake is not a lie β € The teaser is not for everyone. And why do it for everyone? πŸ˜‰ I hope those who played Portal or its second part will appreciate it πŸ™Œ β € PS The best fall award goes to @ korolkov88 β € Organization: @skazkaproject Photo: @ korolkov88, @ m.gomenuk Video: @ Stylist: @annakrasnenkova Presenter: @ evgeniyss Decor: @ryadomschastye Bar: @barsezony β € Hurry up to book a date for 2020 before prices rise ☺️ β € All the details on the website: β € # Shestakov #Shestakov #VideographicSp #shestakovvideo #wedding #weddingdress #weddingplanner #WeddingPeter # Weddingspb # wedding organizer # wedding decor # wedding dance # wedding dress # bride # wedding video

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