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On November 29, Polina Gagarina gave a big solo concert at VTB arena. The surprise for the guests was the appearance of Andrei Kislov, the son of the singer. Polina sang one of the songs to his accompaniment. "The field @gagara1987 No. 1! When the whole room, all 12,000 people sing with you all your songs, it's very impressive. I'm the most critical usually, but there are just no words. 10 out of 10. Everything is perfect. Sound, light, staging, ballet. Everything is perfect. I wonder how to do a new show now, the bar is very high. And Andryusha's performance @_ak1413 was incredible. Our whole bed was bathed in tears of emotion. He's a wonderful guy, of course. Pride and love ❤ this", — shared his impressions from the concert spouse Gagarina, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. It should be noted that this is not the first joint performance of Polina Gagarina with her son. Eight months ago Andrey made his debut as an accompanist in the DS Megasport. #gagara1987 #_ak1413

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