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On November 23, the state Kremlin Palace hosted a concert on the occasion of the Golden gramophone award. One of the most prestigious music awards in Russia received Dima Bilan, Ani Lorak, Irina Dubtsova and other artists. Ani Lorak In 1996, the Golden gramophone music award was established, which is still considered one of the most prestigious awards in Russia. On November 23, the twenty-third awards ceremony was held in the Kremlin! The hosts of the music festival were Ivan Urgant and Sergey Svetlakov. Recall that the winners of the award as always choose the listeners of "Russian radio": they vote for the favorite artist. Nominees for the "Golden gramophone" are artists whose songs have lasted in the charts for more than 20 weeks. Julia Baranovskaya Get "gramophone" - a great success, well, two-and does a miracle. Nevertheless, this year, four artists posed for photographers with statuettes in both hands: Valery Meladze, Vera Brezhnev, Ani Lorak and Nikolai Baskov. Polina Gagarina, Irina Dubtsova, the group "Bi-2", tima Belorusskikh, Maksim, Svetlana Loboda, Dmitry Malikov, Sergey Lazarev, the group "Hands up", Vladimir Presnyakov and other performers also became laureates of the award. A special award was awarded to Laima Vaikule: the singer received the "Golden gramophone" for her contribution to the development of domestic show business. Nikolai Baskov The concert lasted about four hours and was more like a meeting of old friends. The stars crossed behind the scenes, were sincerely glad to see each other, joked and laughed a lot, and sang and danced. In General, it was a pleasure to look at them! Maksim We also could not but note the outfits of the artists. For example, Ani Lorak appeared on the red carpet in a fancy blue jumpsuit with an asymmetrical pleated skirt and a matching hat. Vera Brezhneva preferred a white dress with a high slit and a huge flower on her chest and stomach, and Svetlana Loboda bet on a rocker image: leather flared trousers and a leather jacket with a fringe open, from under which only a bra could be seen. 1 2 3... Thirty five Polina Gagarina View photo gallery Men also stood out. For example, Sergei Lazarev shone — in every sense - in a white tuxedo with a bugle, and Nikolai Baskov tried on a suit of cosmonaut (or robot-decide for yourself). More interesting outfits in our gallery.

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