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Not so long ago, Levan Gorozia had to give up his pseudonym L'one, under which he became famous throughout the country. The rapper chose a new name for his expanded team — but that's just not taken into account that in Russia there is already exactly the same group. Timothy and Levan Gorozia This summer Levan Gorozia left Timati's label Black Star with a scandal. The rapper accused the management of the company that now they not only want to take away from him the songs created during their cooperation, but also the right to use the pseudonym L'one. The artist tried to fight for his rights and regain at least a name, but eventually lost the court to the label. Recently, Levan returned to his old pseudonym, with which he began his path in show business-Mars. Gorozia also began to collaborate with musician Nelle, and therefore decided to expand the name of the Duo to Marselle. Recently it turned out, that rapper not can so to call its group. The fact is that in Russia there is already a team with the same name, but only written in Russian - "Marseille". The band plans to go to court if Levan Gorozia does not take action and rename his Duo. "The trademark "Marseille" was registered in 2011 by the St. Petersburg pop group, which includes Stepan Ledkov, Dmitry Blinov and Yevgeny Babenko. The spelling of the word element "Marcel"has also been recorded. Gorozia legally has no right to use the name. This he misleads listeners and ticket buyers, " - said the representative of the team to the correspondent of the portal Super.ru. According to the lawyer, the group has already faced problems because of the name of the new project of the rapper. The fact is that soon both "Marcel" and Levan and Marselle will have concerts in Moscow, and literally with a difference of one day. Similar titles have caused confusion on online venues for ticket sales: it was difficult for buyers to understand which of the performances they spend their money on.

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