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Two divas-angelina Vovk and Sofia Rotaru - can not get along on the same stage of "Song of the year". Wolf has criticized a long time ago because she decided to return to Russia after he refused to speak a year ago. Angelina Vovk At the end of 2018 Sofia Rotaru made a strong-willed decision to cancel all concerts in Russia (even on the" Song of the year " the singer did not come, although she regularly performed at it). The case involved politics-then ex-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko declared martial law in the country, and Rotaru decided not to escalate the situation, so as not to provoke radical compatriots. The President was replaced, and the political situation changed. Here is 72-year-old Sofia Mikhailovna and announced, that finally will come in Moscow. The publication "Komsomolskaya Pravda" with reference to its insiders reported that Rotaru confirmed to the organizers its participation in the"Song of the year". Russian fans hutoryanki delighted, however, many did not support the star. Among Rotaru's opponents is the host of "Song of the year" angelina Vovk. The woman very categorically commented on the return of the singer to the Russian stage. "I am amazed at this position of the person, it is surprising. Well, first of all, if you are so bad about Russia, why are you coming here for money? If I were Sophia, I wouldn't come here to earn money, no matter how much I needed it. I understand the artist is out of politics. But, if you are really out of politics, then do not support the army, which is at war with our country, "- said 77-year-old Vovk in an interview with "Tsargrad". Vovk added that she understands that show business is not the purest and most noble thing. "But there must be a conscience. It should prompt. I, for one, will not go to a concert of Rotaru. Although I loved her very much in Soviet times. I won't applaud her. A person should have a life position. Honest, principled. After all, she comes here and smiles at everyone. If he goes on stage, he won't say, " Oh, you're so bad." Will tell: as I you love, what you good. Well, then we should behave differently in relation to our country." 1 2 3... Nine Sofia Rotaru will come to Moscow View photo gallery It should be noted that the shooting of " Song of the year-2019 "will take place on December 7 in Moscow at VTB Arena. Sofia Rotaru is still going to take part in them. Also, the star will perform at several private corporate events.

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