Made with Love - Audio - Halloween

Pumpkins that everyone can cut! πŸŽƒ In fact, we at @cardsforyouandme do not celebrate Halloween. But we like the fact of creativity. Pumpkin carving is a cool idea for meeting friends at home. It’s fun and you can make beautiful pictures later. 😏 β € We recorded a short tutorial on how to easily cut a pumpkin. Watch, like and save! A couple of life hacks: β € πŸŽƒ It is more convenient to cut with a sharp knife with a thin blade. For example, clerical. Wide kitchen is inconvenient to cut small parts. β € πŸŽƒ Straight lines are easier to cut. So start with a triangular nose to practice a bit. β € πŸŽƒIf the insides of the pumpkin do not want to be scraped and resemble spaghetti, cut the inside of the pumpkin with a knife crosswise, then turn it over and it will spill out. And now the question of ingenuity: what did we use for the special effect at the end of the video?)

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