Classic Silence - Girls - Audio

how it all began ☺️🔥 From childhood I loved dancing and after 4-5 hours of gymnastics training I could come in, turn on the tape recorder and dance пот it lasted until 10 years, then I quit the big sport and went to the dance 💃 I went to one the team, but I didn’t like it there, because it was a classic ... I went to modern dances and went on for 2 or 3 years and during these years I was also engaged in self-development: I watched a video on YouTube and learned to dance the same way, yes, I didn’t succeed, but I continued. Then I left both that section and I started to study completely myself, and at 16 I tried myself in teaching dances😍 and I liked itу I’ll summarize: I tried myself in many respects with regard to dancing and now what I am now, what my level is and, of course, I don’t stop I teach, I have many plans and ideas😍❤️ Track: @egorkreed - Barbie 🔥

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