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☠CAUTION Supplements☠ ⠀ About dietary Supplements, you can talk a lot, long and boring 🤪. ⠀ Like us and we'll talk about it. It is ambiguous, a lot of requests to direct. ⠀ But I'll start with the story of a patient🤔 ⠀ Natalia, a middle-aged woman with a good physique, plays sports, a mother of two children, once again passing annual tests, found an increase in liver enzymes. ⠀ Then there was a long walk in agony. A lot of examinations and the exclusion of any unprecedented diseases, all this against the background of a considerable number of drugs💊 for the liver, as you know, without the proper effect. ⠀ But there is one thing BUT... the reception of "some kind of dietary Supplements" no one took into account, but of course at the same time excluded the reception of statins, hormones, etc. ⠀ After passing many doctors with a diagnosis of hepatitis of unknown etiology, Natalia came to me for an appointment. ⠀ After talking all over again, going through a pile of passed examinations, the patient says: ⠀ "I take care of my health and regularly order various imported dietary Supplements, even now I drink" ⠀ Tadam, bingo 🎉 ⠀ Everything fell into place. ⠀ After canceling all supplements and vitamins for 10 days, liver enzymes (Alt and AST) almost returned to normal. ⠀ Several months have already passed, Natalia is doing fine, all tests are normal. ⠀ Have and most importantly, there was a steadfast rule that all drugs and medications and Supplements only as directed by your doctor. ⠀ The conclusion is simple, you can not prescribe them yourself or after reading the post of another eco-blogger, vegan or even a doctor. You can not drink mindlessly, an excess of useful things also leads to a deplorable result. ⠀ On good dietary Supplements are drunk after passing tests and identifying the deficit. ⠀ I drink dietary Supplements, which I showed in the telegram. Before that, I passed tests. ⠀ P.S.: do you drink dietary Supplements? Did you start drinking yourself or was it prescribed by a doctor?

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